Monday, March 06, 2006

Words of Wisdom

the release of A Levels...

after physics common test i stayed back for lunch and had to settle some tkd stuff. during physics test, mrs chan announced the top students for the A Levels. YES, WHILE WE WERE DOING OUR PHYSICS TEST. so random! couldn't she wait for another hour? it was so distracting while your trying to think.

anyway, after the test i happened to see the top students outside the general office. i guess they were waiting to be photographed by reporters who were already there. upon seeing them, just seeing them, they left a great impression on me and made me think a lot of things. that's why i wasn't able to concentrate on studying chem on that afternoon.

the top students are all geniuses! the 2 top science students had 4A1s, A1 for GP and mother tongue, 3S papers distinctions. 3S PAPERS DISTINCTIONS. CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS? the top arts student had the same except for 2s papers distinctions. it's difficult for arts students to take 3 s papers and it's a challenge to get distinctions for them. but they were gleeming with joy when i saw them. they've all worked hard for the past 2 years for this day and such stunning achievements. and it really made me want to be like them. these people may be labelled as over-achievers by some people but i think there's no such thing as over-achieving. they deserve their achievements and worked hard for them. in renowned universities, 'over-achieving' is the norm rather than exception. there are so many geniuses around the world and we are nothing as compared to them.

people can label me as mugger whatsoever, but i believe that what i want in life is up to me to achieve them. it's no one else's business to interfere with my goals in life and such comments would not stray me away from my path i'm walking. i want to study in the States and i'm going all out to do that. those people around me can say whatever they want. but ultimately, it's MY life that i'm leading. when i've attained my goal, it would be a pleasure to see you guys green with envy.

To all reading this post:
there are always people around you who are out to see you fail. ignore them and focus on what you want out of your life. show them what you've got and let them know that they are so so so wrong...

Common tests and SPA

Another post on the same day...

the reason why i'm so free is because i'm on a 4 day break after the spa week and common tests.
spa was ok la. except for physics spa skill a. i don't know if my factors are correct, hope they can read my handwriting though. it was a rush throughout the 1hour.

common tests were ok too. except the last paper- chem paper. totally sux la. the day before the chem paper, on wednesday, was the release of the A Levels results. i was hoping it would be a full day for us on thurs so that we would be given an extra day to study. and there were 11 chapters to study and it was totally impossible for me to cram 11 chapters in one day and many of them are heavy topics. haix.. after i went home on wed, i was in no mood to study for chem la. was thinking about A levels. so in the end i mugged 6 chapters but i think i remembered only about 30%? it was insane!

so on that day, everyone was speculating a full day. yup, it was a full day for the IPs and the year 1s. there was a hot debate among us, mrs chan and mrs foo if we should carry on with the commong tests. obviously i was against it cause i really needed another day to finish my chem. but i was kinda surprised that majority of the year2s wanna continue with the tests, for obvious reasons so that they could have a 4 day break, which i'm having right now. they wanna get it over and done with, not like me who rather sacrifice a day for better grades.

in the end, the final decision was indeed, to continue with the test. but i wasn't prepared at all! mixed feelings before the test- anger, sadness and panic. i tried to cram the remaining 5 chapters in 30 mins before the test commenced. impossible la! so i went into the exam venue with zero confidence. i bet my chem paper will be the worst paper, maybe other than GP.

hohoho... the paper was a killer. i couldn't do most of the questions and i forgot all my organic reactions. bleah! utterly sianded! so basically, i spent a whole lot of time trying to recall the organic reactions. and for the essay questions, i left a whole question out. and for the rest i left half undone. yucks!

after the test, i pretty much heck care about it. whatever! it's only common tests. and i was felling more elated after the test cause i finally get to sleep and watch tv and my favourite american idol! YAY!! you know the weekend before the tests i was very sick? had fever and flu. on top of that i had to mug for common tests. so in the end i had very little sleep for a week or so despite the fact i desperately needed the sleep. but after the test i felt liberated and changed my stand if the common test should have continued. luckily majority of the year2s wanna continue with the tests, or else i would have to suffer another day and miss my american idol. haha... thank goodness!


3 months!


It's been 3 months since my last post. Gosh! Been really busy with Year 2 life. Looks like i have loads to update.

Hmmm... Where should i begin? Let's start with December last year.

Well, after all those painful dental experience, i've finally worn my braces! YAY!!! It's nearly three months now and i had several check ups and changed the colour of my bands. First colour i had was light purple. Than dark pink and now baby blue. But it seems like the colour of the bands will change, especially those light coloured ones. i remember the first day when i wore the baby blue ones, the colour was more whitish blue than the real baby blue. Over the next few days, it changed to light blue, to baby blue (a very nice colour indeed). Then a few days later, i remember it was a Sunday, the colour was still a nice baby blue colour in the morning when i brushed my teeth. but later when i went to brushed my teeth after dinner, it was GREEN!!!!! i was so shocked that i went to brushed my teeth for the 2nd round. but of course, the colour remained green. haha... i think the reason for the change was that i had green tea during dinner. i believed that stained the colour bands. how cool! haha... but the overall green colour made my teeth look yellowish. yucks! presently, the colour is grey. haha... because i rinsed my mouth with mouthwash and walla! it was grey. haha... looks like i have to go for a darker colour next time.

alright.. enough for all this dental crap. now on the major happenings during these 3 months...

On the 1st week of 2006 was Orientation1. YAY! Finally i'm a ogl! haha... frankly speaking, i was quite disappointed when i saw my year ones cause they all look so quiet! haha... but i was proven wrong over the next few days.

THEY'RE A COOL BUNCH OF KIDS!!! haha... they are really funny. during the orientation week, they started to open up and really talked more about themselves. they interact more with one another and know how to sabo ogls huh! haha... i remember how may yee got her enthu name, because she was so enthu; fan zhe shaking his bod during tribal dance ( he really knows how to shake!), shake better than a gal; vincent's laughter is so funny and contagious, lol; zi zhao is just nonsense la, damn funny dude, cheryl, fan di, faustine and shirlyn still so quiet; shahrani the hockey boy- always disappear in the evening to train, haix... he missed out a lot of og dinners; roy.. hmmm... the pessimist; zwing the smart gal who loves Jay too! JAY ROX! haha; and agnes the gal who kept talking in chinese. haha... all so cute.

it's really heart warming seeing them bonded to the og. everyday would see them meeting up in the concourse before assembly. and they still remember thier dear ogls. haha... and during valentine's day they gave me a pe shirt which they signed and wrote a simple message on it. although i must admit the handwriting was a bit ugly,( i think zi zhao wrote it) lol.. but it was full of sincerity. so touched on that day la! can't believe that ogls can make such an impact on them lei. in return i baked butter cookies for them. haha... the cookies are very xiang!