Friday, March 16, 2007

Quote 8: When you were a child, you wished to be an adult soon. Now when you're an adult, you wished you had not grown up so quickly. How ironic.

When we were children, we all wanted to grow up faster so that we could have more freedom and control over our lives. Now as we grow up to be adults, we wished time had slowed down a bit more. We reminisce the childhood that was free of responsibilities. Even when we had certain responsibilities, we could so easily shirk them and let our parents face the consequences. The world revolved around us back then. It was a time when we had the right to be selfish.

I think Spiderman said this in one of his movies," With greater power comes with greater responsibilities." A better statement for me would be " With greater AGE comes with greater responsibilities." As you grow up, greater responsibilities are thrown onto your shoulder- excel in your studies; get into university; find a good paying job; bring home some money to your parents every month; find a spouse; get married; find an apartment; start a family; have kids... The list goes on. Now you know how boring life can be.

I'm 18. I'm still a student. But I could already feel the pressure of adulthood- the many responsibilities I have to undertake when I graduate fron university in 4 years time. In 4 years time, I will be "officially" an adult. Wooh! How time flies!

Treasure your time as a student. 'Cause it isn't long when you won't be one.


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