Friday, March 16, 2007

Quote 9: We can't always get what we want in life. Sometimes we have to compromise in order to move on.

We want our wishes to come true. We had made plans for ourselves in the past. But things didn't always go as planned and we sought for alternatives instead.

I'm at the stage of getting into university and deciding which career path to take in the future. I'm torn between studying a course which I have interest in or one which reaps high salary in the future. It's a huge responsibility for any student and the decision I make now will affect the rest of my life.

Some people are very lucky to have their interest match with a career that eventually generates a high income. VERY lucky people. However, there are people who have immense interest in certain less popular courses but on the thought of the small job market and low pay, they gave up their passion and sought for other better career options. So what can sustain us for the rest of our life? Interest or money?

I believe interest can't sustain life, most of the time. The degree you plan to achieve must have a good range of career options or a specialised job with a good pay that allows you to live comfortably. If your level of interest in a certain course is able to reach a 60-70%, that's good enough. Look at the career options next. Let's be realistic. How many people get to live their dreams alive and make it big based on interest alone? Don't let your 16 years of education go to waste. 16 YEARS!!! And university education ain't cheap you know. Unless you're Paris Hilton where monetary issue isn't an issue at all.

Yes, I agree that there are people out there who didn't mind the low pay and made the choice to follow their interest. I salute them for their courage and passion. If you are ready for the bumpy ride ahead, go all out and follow your passion. But if you're not the kind who have guts to do so, compromise. We can't always have it our way. Compromise is perhaps the solution for you.

For me, I'm still searching for my true calling...


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