Sunday, March 18, 2007

Quote 10: Mark your friends' birthdays on your calendar!!!

You may have too many friends and sometimes forgotten the birthdays of some. So MARK THEM ON THE CALENDAR ON YOUR DESK OR THE ONE IN YOUR HANDPHONE!!! This way you're less likely to forget them. And at least send a sms to them on that day, wishing them a happy birthday. That's the LEAST a good friend should do.

I have a bad memory for birthdays. I'm always sending belated e-cards to my friends. Why am I such a failure at being a good friend? *sigh*


Blogger ctm-cak'on said...

salam...cik sara mane ni yek? veil n crown tu on the pakej. tq

11:43 AM  
Blogger HANA bUdaK cEkElAt said...

manusia tak penah terpisah dari lupa.
mari me'mark' besday mereka di kalendar ;p ;p

11:58 AM  

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